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La Zingara Ischitana sandwich

When people talk about Ischia, they talk about its flavors and cuisine. In fact, one cannot disregard on an Ischitan vacation from tasting the typical local dishes, which are part of the culture of the island and the islanders.

The Zingara is undoubtedly among the must-tastes to say you have had a true Ischian experience.

Sandwich born in the late 1970s in the pub “La Virgola” and then replicated in all the places of Ischia, the Zingara bears its fifty years very well. Consisting of cafone bread stuffed with sweet prosciutto, fiordilatte, tomato, salad and mayonnaise, it was conceived by young sandwich makers in Ischia Ponte and later became famous and reproduced everywhere.

Since then, in fact, it has been among the most beloved quick meals for tourists on the island, who love to savor the authentic taste of genuine, km 0 products, accompanied by a good glass of wine, obviously produced in Ischia.

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