4 suggestions to explore

Ischia is a foretaste of paradise. The green island, so called because of its typical tuff stone and its parks and hills, bewitches visitors with its evocative tale of natural beauty and rural tradition.

The sea, which reigns over the island’s borders, shares the throne with lush vegetation, which contributes to making the Mediterranean island special. And this is precisely the unique experience that Ischia has to offer: from the Mediterranean Sea to Mount Epomeo Ischia offers a continuous discovery of places, traditions and emotions linked to Nature all to be experienced.

With the support of guides and experts, it is possible to walk the ancient paths among the island’s green hills that have remained unspoiled, true oases of beauty isolated from chaos and noise. It will be a pleasure to take long walks in which ascents and descents alternate in a fascinating itinerary studded with breathtaking views, becoming more and more enchanting as you reach the peaks.

From one extreme to the other, from the top to the bottom, the richness of Ischia never ceases to amaze. The island is surrounded by the Protected Marine Area ‘Regno di Nettuno’ (Neptune’s Kingdom) with its crystal-clear sea that embraces the island, preserving fauna, marine species and even ancient archaeological remains in its depths.

A world waiting to be discovered with excursions, diving, snorkeling and sailing tours at dawn or dusk.