Diocesan Museum of Ischia

culture and spirit of Ischia

The Diocesan Museum of Ischia is a place of great cultural and spiritual interest, preserving evidence of the history and art of the Ischian Church. The museum is located in the Seminary Palace, a historic building that has housed the training of the island’s priests and scholars for centuries. The palace overlooks the Borgo di Ischia Ponte, the ancient heart of the town, where the Aragonese Castle, symbol of the island, stands.

MUDIS offers visitors an exhibition itinerary that traces the stages of the religious and artistic life of the Diocese of Ischia, from the 4th century AD to the present day. Among the most valuable works is the Bethesda sarcophagus, one of three specimens remaining in the world. In addition, there is a Capuchin tomb, found in the archaeological complex of Santa Restituta, which testifies to the presence of a Christian community on the island from the earliest centuries. The museum also preserves paintings, sculptures, silverware and sacred vestments from churches in the diocese, especially the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, which has collected materials from the ancient Cathedral on the Castle and other churches that stood there.

MUDIS is an accessible museum for all, thanks to its barrier-free structure. The museum has two levels: the ground floor houses the marble section, while the fourth floor contains sections on paintings, sculpture, silverware, and artifacts. The museum also has two conference rooms, one with 50 and the other with 150 seats, where cultural and educational events can be organized.


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