Thermal baths and Health

5 suggestions to explore

Those who have never experienced the feeling of well-being that comes from bathing in thermal waters will discover a pleasant new emotional experience to take care of themselves.

It will be pleasant to retrace the footsteps of the Greeks who, since ancient times, used thermal waters to restore the spirit and body and as a remedy for healing the after-effects of war wounds, attributing supernatural powers to the waters and vapours, enjoying the numerous thermal baths in the territory of Ischia in true outdoor and indoor spas.

Spending a day in the world-famous thermal parks, unique in the world, and in the thermal centres with which numerous accommodation facilities are equipped, will provide a unique experience, enjoying targeted wellness programs, massages, mud treatments and many other services that combine relaxation and personal care.

A true hymn to life, a charge of new energy, to be experienced to believe.