Getting to and around Ischia

The beautiful island of Ischia can only be reached by sea. There are three ports from which it is possible to arrive via ferries and hydrofoils of shipping companies. The allure of the island prompts many even daily tourists to dock their boats or yachts on the mainland to stay a few days or even a few hours.

To reach Ischia from the Ports of Naples

Two of the three ports are located in Naples, Molo Calata Porta di Massa and Molo Beverello, both of which are very close and easy to reach from both the airport and the central train station-with TAXI or ALIBUS connections-or directly by car arriving from the highway.

From theCalata Porta di Massa Pier , the ferries of the companies set sail. Caremare Medmaron board of which it is possible to embark your car or board as mere passengers.

The duration of the trip is about 90 minutes.

From Molo Beverello, on the other hand, hydrofoils depart, which connect the mainland with the island of Ischia much more quickly, The reference companies are Alilauroe Caremarfor the port of Ischia.

Travel time ranges from 45 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes.

To reach Ischia from the port of Pozzuoli.

The port of Ischia is also connected to the port of Pozzuoli, from which ferries of the Caremar, Medmar,and Gestour.

The trip has a duration of about 60 minutes.

The port of Pozzuoli is easily reached from the Naples train station and airport by TAXI or public transportation (Metro Line 2, State Railways, Cumana).

For schedules and bookings of arrivals and departures to and from all of the above ports, please view the company portals, above you will find links to the websites.
There are numerous departures to and from Ischia throughout the day, starting around 4:30 a.m. and ending around 9:55 p.m.

How to get around the City of Ischia

Once on the island, it is possible to travel by TAXI or by bus with the public company EAV BUS.