The pine forests of Ischia

green areas of the Green Island

The lush nature of Ischia welcomes visitors with enchanting immersions in the green. Among the natural beauty of this Mediterranean island, pine forests play a key role in the full Ischian experience, not known to most.

In these green areas, it will be easy to get carried away by the freshness of the air, the scent of resin and the song of birds, walking along paths studded with majestic canopies of maritime pines. The pine forests offer an escape from the summer mugginess, creating an oasis of shade and tranquility, becoming the perfect place for a rejuvenating walk, an outdoor picnic or simply to relax in an environment surrounded by nature, where lush, diverse and characteristic island flora and fauna take center stage.

Exploring the pine forests of the Municipality of Ischia

A veritable green lung in the heart of Ischia’s urban center, the Pineta degli Atleti, Pineta Mirtina, Pineta Nenzi Bozzi and Pagoda Park are an oasis of greenery just a few steps from the sea.

The Athletes’ Pinewood is a special place for sports and nature lovers: it offers a unique environment to relax and regain balance and well-being. Shady, manicured paths invite jogging, yoga or simple rejuvenating walks. To keep fit during your vacation, there is free access to theappropriately equipped fitness area. A modern play area, on the other hand, is dedicated to the entertainment of younger children. The name “Athletes’ Pinewood” is a tribute to the many athletes and professional sportsmen who have found inspiration and tranquility among its trees.

Pineta Mirtina and Pineta Nenzi Bozzi are ideal places for short walks through paths surrounded by nature and sheltered from the sun. To be captivated by the scents of the aromatic herbs and the vibrant colors of the wildflowers that adorn the landscape is a sensory experience of authentic Ischitan isolation. These pine forests are also the perfect retreat for a quiet break or picnic surrounded by nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. One can take advantage of thededicated play area for children while reading a book on the benches located in the shade of the trees that make this place rich in oxygen and pure air.

Pagoda Park, then, is Ischia’s harbor garden overlooking the sea, overlooking the Bay of Naples. Here, too, silence and a slow pace accompany visitors on their daily breaks. A small green space to stop and enjoy the beautiful view.

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