Ethnographic Museum of the Sea

Ischia’s connection to the sea

Welcome to the Civic and Ethnographic Museum of the Sea of Ischia, a place that tells the fascinating story of the island through its close connection with the sea.
This museum is a veritable treasure chest. It is located in the monumental Palazzo dell’ Orologio (c.a.1750, former municipal headquarters) in the Borgo di Ischia Ponte, where the past blends with the present in a symphony of culture and tradition.
The Museo del Mare is the oldest museum on the island (1996) and represents an important piece in the history of Ischia, which continues to thrive and evolve while maintaining a firm connection to its maritime roots.
The Museum, among artistic figureheads and evocative Rudder Wheels, offers visitors the opportunity to explore the island’s maritime history through a vast collection of objects, articles, historical documents and photographs, linked by a common thread: the Ischitans’ love and passion for the sea.

As you cross the threshold of the Museo del Mare, be transported back in time, when Ischia was an island of fishermen and brave sailors. The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, the salty scent in the air and the magical atmosphere of the sea will surround you. Here you can immerse yourself in the stories of the families of fishermen, sailors and shipowners, of the ancient seafaring traditions that have shaped the life of this community for generations.

In the halls of the Museum you will encounter an extraordinary collection of nautical charts, votive offerings, models of working boats, sailing ships and vessels, evidence of a rich and fascinating past of history and traditions. There is a Stamp Collection dedicated to the sea, old postcards and photographs of fishermen and sailors who have made the history of the Island. You will get to see rare nautical instruments (including a unique Astrolabe) and rare marine artifacts (such as the tooth of a Megalodon that lived 25 million years ago).

The museum is divided into several sections, each offering an interesting perspective on Ischia’s relationship with the sea, always with historical rigor. The “Models of Boats” section shows a series of important models of both working boats and sailing ships, motorboats and yachts made by Ischitan Authors, with skill but above all with great passion for the island’s history and traditions.
The “Fishermen’s Lives”section is dedicated to the stories and lives of sailors and their families. Through photographs, personal items and poignant narratives, you will have the opportunity to learn about the challenges and joys of a life dedicated to fishing, but also the many tragedies that have punctuated the history of the ‘Island. You cannot help but be moved by the stories of the fishermen and their adventurous voyages on the open sea-their determination and unbreakable bond with the sea will leave you with a sense of deep admiration for these brave men.
In the “Fishing Tools” section, you can see a wide range of traditional fishing gear used by local fishermen over the centuries. From fishing nets to tools of the trade, each object tells a story of ingenuity and adaptation to the marine environment-you will discover how fishing techniques have changed over time.
In the “Art and Sea” room, you will find artwork and artifacts created by local artists inspired by waves, boats, and marine life. This section illustrates how the sea has profoundly influenced the culture and art of Ischia and how the sea has inspired artists and poets to create extraordinary works.

And so much more … it is up to you to find out and get excited !

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