2 suggestions to explore

Letting yourself be caressed by the sea from dawn, buying fresh fish from the “paranze” (fishermen’s boats) from early in the morning, going inland to discover ancient crops and taste delicious and genuine dishes and wines, choosing to bathe in a thermal pool to rediscover the wellbeing in your body, marvelling at the works of local craftsmen, these are just some of the experiences to be had in full Ischian style.

The most succulent tale of the island undoubtedly passes through its cuisine, which tells the story of its peasant origins, with earthy specialities made with zero-kilometre products, the fruit of the many crops cultivated with sacrifice and love among the gardens and the countryside by the residents, and the fruits of the sea that the fishermen bring to shore every day at dawn after a long night’s work in the fishy sea.

Thus tasting Ischia rabbit becomes a culinary and exploratory experience of a dish and a territory, which expresses in its particularities the climatic and peculiar differentiations of each area where it is prepared.

A history that finds an even more special note in the production of local wines, dating back to the Greeks, which go so well with a tale to be experienced in front of breathtaking views.

On the island of Ischia, the magic of flavours mixes with the rare beauty of the places, where time seems to stand still.