Church of Relief

the spirituality of the Island

The Soccorso Church in Forio – west of Ischia – is an architectural jewel that embodies the deep spirituality and fascinating history of this enchanting island. This sacred place, built in the 18th century, is one of Forio’s most iconic attractions, with a view that will leave you speechless. Its imposing white facade dominates one of the country’s best-known and most scenic squares.

The Church of Relief is more than just a tourist attraction. It is a place that embodies the faith, history and art of Ischia. A stone’s throw from the Piazzale del Soccorso you can also visit the Torrione. The symbol of Forio, also known as the “turreted” municipality due to the presence of seven towers scattered throughout the territory, is a tufa stone tower built around 1480 that had an important strategic function for spotting potential enemies arriving on the western side of the island. Inside the Keep today is an important Civic Museum that houses the works of Forio artist Giovanni Maltese and numerous cultural events. From the terrace of the Torrione there is, in addition, the possibility of admiring the view of part of the foriana coastal area.

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