The thermal waters that flow from springs scattered throughout Ischia invite wellness to all corners of this wonderful island. From spa parks to private facilities, every opportunity will be ideal for relaxing and setting aside daily stress. Even in the same hotels where you stay, it is common to find SPA with natural thermal watersa vailable to customers, which feed pools at various temperatures, both outdoor and indoor, making thermal bathing enjoyable in all seasons of the year.

Beneficial effects of thermal waters

Since the time of the Greeks and Romans, the therapeutic properties of Ischia’s thermal waters have been known to treat mental stress and physical ailments. Balneotherapy, for example, is one of the most widely practiced thermal therapies, as it is extremely simple yet effective. The perfect Ischitan sojourn is characterized by beneficial journeys made from 10-15 minutes of immersion in the warm waters, followed by absolute rest of the body, massage and mud therapy, and wellness treatments from beauty centers offered by the island’s spas. The gentle climate and pure air contribute to an ideal stay to care for one’s well-being, especially in the respiratory field.

Municipal spas of Ischia

For those staying in facilities that do not have their own spa, in the heart of the city center you can access the Spa of Ischia. The ‘organizational and structural efficiency and the high professional qualification of the medical and paramedical staff make the modern spa complex one of the most organized in the area.
The quality of the water and mud, through the different crenotherapeutic methods of application, indicate their use in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of various diseases. The comfortable equipment and pleasant, relaxing environment make treatment a real pleasure. Also at the Terme di Ischia, it is possible to book various wellness treatments by choosing from the many services available in the SPA department. Personal care and relaxation are the priority for the facility’s staff who are ready to respond to all the needs of frequent visitors.

Thermal parks of Ischia

One of the many excellences of Ischia, unobtainable in the rest of the world, are the thermal parks. An extraordinary experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of well-being, relaxation and natural beauty. Located by the sea and surrounded by greenery, the parks offer visitors the chance to soak in pools of thermal water at different temperatures. The presence of numerous hot springs all over the island means that these have developed in several places. Poseidon, Negombo, and Castiglione are the best known, but once you get to the island you will discover numerous corners of paradise where you will not know the stress and hectic pace of everyday life.

Poseidon Gardens

Negombo Spa

Castiglione Spa