Wellness and Well-Being

7 suggestions to explore

The largest of the islands in the Gulf of Naples, located in the heart of the Mediterranean, bewitches with all its authentic and exceptional charm. Ischia’s thermal waters, its lush vegetation, and its historical and natural beauty make it unique in the world. For all its characteristics, Ischia becomes in the collective imagination an oasis of well-being with natural springs, crystal-clear sea and precious seabed, a regenerating energy that comes directly from luxuriant Nature.

A magical place that offers benefits to the body, mind and above all to the heart and spirit. Imagine standing in a thermal water spring to tune in to your body and spirit, then regenerating yourself with a cool dip in the sea and concluding your bath with a natural mud treatment. Listening to and caring for your body is a timeless ritual on Ischia that is renewed with each new experience on the island.

Here you can rediscover yourself with long pleasant walks among the hills of the island, enjoying breathtaking views and clear air, visiting the cellars and farms of the local farmers, tasting delicacies of the earth and sea, in a place with a dual soul: the salty one of the blue water and the sweet one of the products of the land km 0.

Here, the mild climate regulates the seasons, offering consistently high liveability and making the island enjoyable all year round. If you are looking for a place to regenerate, this is the right place: Ischia is the island of Mediterranean well-being.