10 reasons to love Ischia

The uniqueness of thermal waters

Immerse yourself in the thermal waters known since antiquity for their extraordinary therapeutic properties, or think exclusively of the moment when you step into a tub of steaming water that relaxes your muscles and restores your spirit, whatever the desire, you should let yourself go. We are in Ischia.

Mediterranean volcanic nature

The Green Island once at the bottom of the sea, the child of magma and lava eruptions, now expresses all its natural charm covered with lush vegetation. Among the paths of Mount Epomeo, which governs the island, one can discover fossils of shells and rocks that were once undiscovered, breathe in the natural scents of myrtle, fennel, mallow, piperna, and wormwood, which grow wildly on the hillsides, rising at the foot of the sea.

Mediterranean island atmosphere

The special charm of Ischia, in which features from every corner of the Mediterranean come together, is typical of very few islands. To enjoy Ischia is to immerse oneself in green undergrowth that colors the peaks and even the streets in all its splendor, it is to explore seabeds where all the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean explodes, it is to live a daydream while enjoying the jovial welcome of the villagers.

Mediterranean lifestyle

Tasty food that tells of history and tradition, relaxing places that reconcile chatting and relaxation, walks in the cool air, and a nice swim in the sea or spa that is rejuvenating. On Ischia, there is no time for stress, and from sunrise to sunset-even under the starlight-you can discover the quality of a genuine, surprising and fully Mediterranean life.

Sweet Mediterranean climate

All year round, tourists coming to Ischia from all over the world are attracted by the mild and temperate climate even in the winter months. Ischia is a pleasant surprise in all seasons, each of which reveals a particular face of the island, with days with pleasant temperatures even in autumn. Each phase of the day colors views that surprise from sunrise to sunset.

Tranquility, relaxation, all-around well-being

From the tranquility of hillside villages surrounded by greenery where rural wineries and buildings tell stories of men and women devoted to the cultivation of vines and the countryside, to the nightlife venues of the island’s historic Bourbon Port. Ischia is a microcosm in which one’s own personal idea of well-being takes shape.

Typical and authentic flavors

Ischia is an island of fishermen, who look forward every day to distributing the fruits of their labor at sea, the catch of which you will see go straight from the nets of the fishing boats to your plate. Ischia is also the island of the breeding of the free-range Ischian ditch rabbit, fragrant with wild herbs, of which farmers and inland residents are proud. The souls of this island meet in a wonderful culinary melody, giving guests ever new sensations even at the table.

A sea to experience

The crystal-clear waters of Ischia captivate from dawn to dusk thanks to a charm accentuated by the wonders they hold. Here it is possible to dive to the underwater Roman city of Aenaria in the beautiful Cartaromana Bay, experience underwater explorations at the Ant Bank or the seabed rich in coral and Posidonia meadows. Unique experiences to be had in a sea of green and blue hues, rippled by light breezes.

The perfect place to regenerate

Coming to Ischia to take care of yourself: this has always been among the major attractions of the Neapolitan island. Whether one chooses the soothing warm water of thermal pools or the coolness of a clear sea bathing beaches of fine sand, one will find oneself enveloped in lush nature, which gives one a green glance from the moment of arrival, so fascinating as to bewitch historical and literary figures of all times.

Quality reception

In Ischia, the energy of Nature in all its forms is mixed with the warm welcome of the inhabitants, giving visitors an experience rich in authenticity, emotion and joy. Here everyone will have the vacation of their dreams. One can stay in sought-after hotels de charme just a few meters from the sea, but also sleep in inland hotels where nature kisses the sea from afar. Menus from exclusive starred restaurants whose chefs have won prestigious international awards will be sampled , eat excellent fish or free-range rabbit with 0-km vegetables. All accompanied by excellent local wine, the product of vines grown on terraces on sunny slopes sloping down to the sea. Whatever the taste, Ischia is the right destination.