Walking through volcanoes with Nemo Association

From the seashore to the greenest volcanoes, you will discover Ischia in a new and authentic way.

What it consists of

The hike is developed in the northeastern side of the island, around a complex of craters very articulated that represents the most recent and therefore best-preserved volcanic zone on the island.

Refueled at a convenient drinking fountain from which water from the nearby spring of Buceto, we start from the pine forest of Fiaiano, which stands on the lava flow of 1301 and continue to the volcano of “Ferraro Fund”, skirting its chestnut-rich crater, until it reaches the border between the Montagnone, covered with wild Mediterranean scrub and Mount Rotaro, the realm of a dense pine forest.

Crossing the crest of the crater, we walk downhill and, through a dense holm oak forest, arrive toward the bottom, where a lone black hornbeam seems to welcome visitors. The hike continues by ascending to the opposite side of the crater, heading for the fumarole field, evidence-along with the hot springs-of the island’s volcanic activity.

Here, among the varied flora, there is the rare species Pycreus polystachyus (the fumarole bunting), a tropical species that has found in some areas of this island a favorable microhabitat for its growth.


Duration: about 4 hrs.
Difficulty: T/E (Legend)
Elevation gain: about 150 m
Descent gradient: about 200 m
Maximum altitude: 265 m
Route development: 4 km
Average slopes (ascent/descent): +11%/-11%
Departure: Pineta di Fiaiano (bus terminal No. 6)
Arrival: Casamicciola T. (access barrier Fondo d’Oglio)
Route: Pineta di Fiaiano, Fondo Ferraro, Monte Rotaro, Fondo d’Oglio.

Minimum number: 8 participants

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