Nemo Association

Excursions - Sea Excursions

The Nemo Association for the Diffusion of the Culture of the Sea was founded in Ischia in 2005, with the primary purpose of proposing and disseminating the culture of the sea, to recover a certainly ancient relationship between man and his sea, as pressing as ever for those who live on an island, where interaction becomes the inevitable action to open up the ways of the world.

In Ischia, Nemo organizes leisure activities such as guided environmental snorkeling, hiking and canoeing excursions, and scuba diving courses. Organizes and coordinates outreach events such as environmental awareness events, seminars, ecology courses, school camps, summer camps.

Nemo Association wants to remind those who have forgotten that the Island of Ischia experiences the privilege, not the disadvantage, of being surrounded by the Sea; this allows, more than elsewhere, to reflect on one’s relationship with natural events, to understand their essence and to establish the rules of this relationship.

Culture of the Sea is knowledge, respect, symbiotic interaction with the fluid element, the cradle of our existence.

Nemo Association is:

  • Registered with the National Register of Amateur Sports Activities
  • Authorized to conduct excursions within the Phlegrean Islands Marine Protected Area “Kingdom of Neptune.”
  • organizing partner of WWF Travel – Responsible Travel;
  • Founding member of the Association of Underwater Activities of Ischia and Procida “Assodiving Regno di Nettuno.”
  • Founding member of the “Forum of Associations of the Island of Ischia.”
  • Component of the “Territorial Forum of the Third Sector of the Islands of Ischia and Procida Onlus.”
  • Founding member of the Second Level Outdoor Sports Association of the Island of Ischia “Edon.”