Outdoor sports at the Athletes’ Pine Grove

Are you tired of the usual closed gyms and boring workout routines? Why not treat yourself, even on vacation, to a unique and rejuvenating experience in Ischia’s Pineta degli Atleti, where nature and fitness come together in an extraordinary union?

What it consists of

Training in Harmony with Nature is possible at the Pineta degli Atleti in Ischia: a unique place that offers the opportunity to train outdoors in the green. You can walk the shady paths surrounded by ancient trees in a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere.

Fitness Area

One of the most striking features of Athletes’ Pinewood is the outdoor fitness area. Here you will find a variety of equipment and facilities designed for a complete workout. From bodyweight training zones to running and functional training tracks, you will have everything you need for an effective training session.

Ischia is known as the Island of Wellness, thanks to its thermal waters and lush nature, and setting up such a training area is yet another opportunity to heal body and spirit. After a fitness session, you can relax with a rejuvenating walk among the trees or enjoy a moment of meditation in this serene environment.

The outdoor fitness area is suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced athletes. It is a place where one can train with peace of mind and without the pressure of traditional gyms. Whether you are a yoga enthusiast, a lover of running or simply want to exercise, Athletes’ Pine Grove has something to offer everyone.
Choosing to work out in Ischia’s Pineta degli Atleti is a unique experience that combines fitness, nature and wellness. And there is no better way to get fit and reconnect with nature. So put on your sneakers, breathe in the fresh air of the pine forest and get ready to experience a workout like no other. Have a good workout!


Wear sneakers and athletic attire. Take water with you.

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