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The wonders of the Castle

The Aragonese Castle is the symbol of which Ischia is most proud.

It stands on an islet of trachytic rock connected to Ischia by a masonry bridge; it has an elevation of 113 meters above sea level and an area of about 56,000 square meters.

Purchased from the state property in 1912 by lawyer Nicola Ernesto Mattera, even today the third generation of the Mattera family takes care of it guaranteeing its opening to the public almost all year round, carrying out the necessary maintenance and restoration works and promoting cultural events that continuously enliven its spaces.

From March to December, the ancient monument comes alive through stories, art, and events that find a home here. Spending pleasant hours here is an enchanting pastime: there are two cozy panoramic cafes on the castle and a shop with elegant and selected items, books and souvenirs.

To get there a path also favors a scenic walk full of interesting stops to intersperse the route.

The Castle is not just an exhibition of historical artifacts, but a place to be experienced rather than visited, studied by historians and admired by thousands of tourists who are forever captivated.

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