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Welcome to Ischia

Among the Mediterranean islands, undoubtedly Ischia is one of the most fascinating. Rich in natural beauty, tradition, culture will surprise visitors at any time of the year.

Ischia is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. A fruitful mother for fishermen and farmers, in thisisland of lush nature, two souls (the marine and the hillside) coexist in a mysterious and fascinating harmony.

Discover the wonders of Ischia

Unspoiled nature, crystal clear sea, good food, hills devoted to km 0 crops and wine production, the Island of Ischia is the ideal place for all ages. Famous for its thermal properties, this volcanic island hides treasures in every corner.

The year-round vacation in Ischia

Ischia lovingly welcomes you every month of the year with ever-changing but all unforgettable experiences. In fact, the mild climate makes it possible to visit the island and enjoy the experiences it offers almost every day of the year.

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