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Historic tavern on the island of Ischia, inaugurated in 1950 by Don Antonio Cervera, who transformed his winery into a gathering and refreshment place for early visitors to the Island. From here passed literati and artists, including, Pasolini, Luchino Visconti, Helmut Berger, Lyz Taylor, Mina and Rockfaller, enchanted by the magic of Neapolitan singer-songwriters’ music and Ischian wine.

Today, Ischia’s first tavern continues to be run by the Cervera family: Antonio in the dining room and Luciana in the kitchen represent the third generation to carry on the family culinary tradition. A tradition rediscovered and reinvented with the proposal of dishes that enhance the products of the sea and of Ischia’s gardens, such as crispy octopus tentacles on mashed potatoes with lime, scialatielli with mussels, Ischia lemon and pecorino cheese, squid stuffed with almonds, orange and Ischia figs, millefeuille of cuttlefish and artichokes, tuna meatballs with citrus With repassed friarielli.

The menu at Antonio’s Tavern, tells a story of authenticity, simplicity and comfort and is inspired by the idea of food as wellness, offering a varied selection of salads made with venus rice, spelt and quinoa, also ideal for vegetarians and vegans.