Mazzella Cellars

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Through three generations, steeped in dedication and immense sacrifice, the unforgettable story of Antonio Mazzella wineries emerges. It all began with Nicola’s dream back in 1940. These cellars were later expanded and improved thanks to Antonio, the founder’s son. On the southern side of the island of Ischia, about 150 meters above sea level, lie the company’s precious lands. Despite the challenges posed by steep roads and unfriendly terrain, his passion for winemaking has never wavered. The grounds, accessible only by ancient footpaths, make tending vines a difficult but deeply rewarding art. This dedication gives their wines an unmistakable character. With the tenacity and hard work of the Mazzella family, areas that were once barren and neglected are now thriving and productive.


Heroic Viticulture

In the enchanting setting of the island of Ischia, the vineyards are located high up while the cellars are carved into the rock below. Harvesting here is a unique experience: you start at the vineyards and work your way down to the winery. The terraces facing the sea are extremely sloping, with slopes exceeding fifty percent, necessitating the use of crawler tractors for the vintners. Here, clusters of the precious Biancolella and Forastera grapes, grown in low saplings on chestnut arbors, are carefully harvested by hand. The altitude, combined with spectacular cliffs and the shade of pine forests, creates a mosaic of small vineyards exposed to the sun and winds. Highlighting the uniqueness and tradition of the place, the must is carefully transferred by sea into specific containers carried by small wooden boats. These vineyards, set in extreme conditions, tell the story of vintages made with passion and dedication, particularly on the southern side of the island, offering breathtaking views of the Gulf of Naples all the way to Policastro.