Porcavacca Steakhouse, nestled in the historic center of Ischia ponte, is the highest expression of meat culture that the Romano family, which has been involved in the industry for decades, is able to offer. Moved by a passion for meat, the owners select the best products available on the international scene and offer them to the customer, who is ready for an experience that engages all the senses and surrenders to pleasure.

A warm and welcoming environment where everything from the furnishings to the outdoor setting to the mise en place is geared toward sense enjoyment and pleasantness. All around, the historic center of Ischia Ponte with its picturesque views, ancient churches, porticoes, and intact medieval alleys.

Porcavacca is a quality choice for every person: for those who love good food, for those who love life. you can customize your sandwich to build yourself the best sensory experience you’ve ever had, with the guarantee of Roman Butcher’s products.

There is nothing better than waiting out the night with a glass of wine in front is a sandwich built from your imagination and being pampered by the passion of the Romano family and Porcavacca Steakhouse.

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