Cappuccino Bistro

Cappuccino Bistro – One soul, four moments together.

Every corner of the venue is designed to best accommodate our customers: the marble color of the coffee tables, the soft cushions on the benches, the jungle-style wallpaper.

Not forgetting the large solid wood counter where you find at the reception always a smile that smells like family, from morning with breakfast and brunch, to evening with appetizers and tasty dinner courses.

At the counter a wide selection of spirits, available to you like a painting to admire before choosing your favorite from the menu of spirits and gin.

Cappuccino Bistrò offers a breakfast that blends homegrown flavors with European style with muffins, cookies, sweet and savory pancakes-all prepared by the skilled hands of the pastry chef. Even in the evening you will be surprised by dishes made directly by the creative chef, such as breads, flatbreads and at certain times even pasta, which enrich a menu full of traditional flavors with that extra finger-licking touch.

At Cappuccino Bistrò you will find a large family at work where you can spend quality time enjoying delicacies.

One soul, but four moments: always together.



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