Bar Epomeo

Nestled in the heart of Ischia, at the entrance to Via Roma, there is anicon of sophistication and taste that welcomes you with open arms. This historic bar, located just a stone’s throw from the Port, has a fascinating history: started as a classic coffee shop, it has traversed time and transformed into an elegant bistro cocktail bar, becoming a landmark for islanders and tourists alike.

With a cutting-edge proposition, Bar Epomeo remains firmly rooted in the local area and offers aneclectic experience that spans the entire day, from aperitif to after dinner. Its true excellence emerges in its wide range of wines and passion for craft beers. Here, you can explore a wide selection that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. Not to be outdone is the cocktail list, a work of art passionately curated by our expert bartenders

If you’re looking for a tasteful oasis in the center of Ischia, this bistro cocktail bar is the ideal destination to discover the best of the island. Discover the intricate history of local wines as you immerse yourself in the welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere of this warmly welcoming venue.


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