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On the cliff of one of the most enchanting places in the world, surrounded by the lush vegetation typical of the Mediterranean, stands majestically theExcelsior Belvedere Hotel & Spa. With its innate charm, private beach, rejuvenating spa, and lively, creative cuisine based on the best local ingredients, the hotel is positioned in a prime location.

Its short distance from Corso Vittoria Colonna, the island’s heart of shopping and elegance, adds value to a long tradition of exquisite hospitality that has been renewed over time.

A stay at the Excelsior Belvedere Hotel & Spa allows one to relive the most splendid moments of Ischia tourism. Since the early 1960s, when Lord James Nimmo’s gracious 19th-century villa was transformed by Count Micangeli into a luxurious hotel, this place has welcomed an unbroken succession of celebrity guests and exclusive events.

Baths & Spas

The renowned spa at Hotel Excelsior Belvedere offers guests a unique therapeutic experience. The thermal waters, rich in valuable minerals and enriched with essential oils, are an inexhaustible source of benefits for the body and mind. The interaction of these waters with various special massage techniques, along with beauty treatments that include masks and wraps made with Mediterranean plant extracts and marine ingredients, combine in a holistic treatment that aims for total well-being.

At the hotel spa, the atmosphere is designed to offer not only healing treatments but also a complete sensory experience. In addition to physical therapy, the deep pleasure of relaxation and regeneration is valued. Every detail, from the décor to the essential oils used, is designed to create an environment that promotes well-being and allows guests to fully immerse themselves in a journey of healing and tranquility.

Belvedere Restaurant

The “Belvedere” restaurant and bars offer aunique and exclusive dining experience in one of the most picturesque settings on the island.

The light and refined cuisine is distinguished by theskillful use of the best local ingredients, keeping the original flavors intact through cooking that respects the quality of the elements as much as possible. In addition to the uniqueness of the flavors, one can appreciate the beauty of the scenery and benefit from the advice of our sommelier, who can satisfy even the most discerning palates with his careful selection of interesting national labels.

An airy room, lit by large windows and enhanced by muted hues evoking Mediterranean luminosity, along with a panoramic terrace overlooking the park, pool and Bay of Naples, delight not only the palate but also the eye. Dishes prepared by chef Libera Iovine, with dedication, quality and passion, are served with attention to detail and spontaneous empathy, enriched by wonderful culinary stories that offer not only a sensory but also an intellectual experience.

At the heart of Excelsion’s cuisine is the very source of flavors: the Mediterranean. These flavors come to life through sun-kissed ingredients lovingly cultivated in our region’s fertile volcanic soil by local producers. The restaurant celebrates the gifts of nature and values the work of artisans who transform those gifts into extraordinary culinary creations.