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Hotel Continental Mare stands with a spectacular view that opens onto a wide and serene expanse of sea, offering an enchanting view of the Bay of Naples. Situated on the picturesque Cafiero Bay, nestled in a large, peaceful park, the hotel is close to Ischia’s port and the charming areas of the Riva Destra, famous for its lively ambiance, shopping and Lido beaches.

The hotel’s fresh, Mediterranean architecture makes it the perfect place for a relaxing, wellness-focused stay on the enchanting island of Ischia.

The view from the restaurant marries beautifully with a cuisine that emphasizes wholesome ingredients and respects the Neapolitan culinary tradition. The breathtaking view is a perfect accompaniment to enjoying the authentic flavors offered by a cuisine that embraces local culinary roots.

Pools and Beach

The thermal pools, harmoniously set into the hillsides and surrounded by scenic solarium spaces, offer enchanting corners of tranquility. In the hotel’s small spa, you can rejuvenate yourself with a selection of treatments dedicated to your well-being, to restore body and spirit.